Effective on or about this Friday, March 1st, 2013, the MTA will increase fares for subway and bus riders. The increase will be as follows:

$2.25 to $2.50 for a round trip ride ($2.75 for a single ride).

$7 day metrocard (weekly) will cost $30.00 (increase of $1).

A 30 day metrocard will cost $112.00 (increase of $8).

Also note that the bonus you presently gain with the purchase of a $10 card will be decreased from 7% to 5%. However, you can get the 5% bonus with the purchase of a minimum of a $5 card.

So riders, start shaking your pockets for that extra change because the MTA is coming for ya!

Food Power: A MomsRising Gathering

For moms, providers, and bloggers who have an interest in the promotion of children's health, you will have an opportunity to attend a great conference this Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 from 11:00am -3:00pm.   Please join me along with MomsRising and Ms. Latina from LatinaOnAMission in spreading the word about the upcoming gathering that promises a day of fun, information and a chance to stand up to promote better health for our children.  For more information check out the website at MomsRising.org/signup/FoodPower.

Oscars 2013

So... How many of you watched the Oscars last night?  Okay maybe you only watched it for a half hour before you either switched to another channel or fell asleep or even better, you watched to the end.  However, I'd like to know your thoughts about what you saw.  Did you find it to be more entertaining this year than those in the previous years? What did you think about the host, Seth MacFarlane?  Did he do a good job?  How did you feel about the First Lady presenting the best picture Oscar?  Some folks didn't think it was appropriate, what are your thoughts? Will you be watching next year?  Thanks so much for your comments.  You can also find me on Twitter, just tweet @atouchofk. I'm only a touch away!

School Bus Strike

It was announced today on New York 1 News, that the Almagamated Transit Union Local 1181 Leaders opted to end the New York City School Bus Strike on Friday, February 15, 2013.  School bus service is expected to resume on Wednesday, February 19, 2013 for city schools.  

This month long strike has been an enormous burden and sacrifice for both the strikers and parents in terms of wages, time and inconvenience.  In lieu of the strike, do you feel that any/all of the strikers concerns will be met? Or, on the other hand, do you feel the strike was a waste of time and wages?


Many of you are bleeding.  Bleeding in your hearts and souls because of hurt, abuse, anger, disappointments, finances, unhealthy relationships and the list goes on.  Though you may be GOING THROUGH, I'm here to remind you that the enemy comes to steal your joy (Psalm 34:19).  No matter what your circumstances are, God is your bandage.  When you have done all that you can, find a quiet place - let go and let God.  Listen for his voice, he will guide you to a solution if you are patient enough to hear him.  What the enemy meant for bad, God meant for good.  There is always a benefit from a bad situation.  There will be glory and sunshine after the storm.  Stay in prayer. May God continue to bless you and thanks for listening. :0)

Ms. K.

So Long Summer

Another warm and relaxing season is passing by.  According to the calendar, on September 23rd, we will officially enter into a new and refreshing Fall season, bringing forth breezy air, blowing winds and colorful Fall leaves bursting all about.  In almost two weeks, gone will be the season for swim wear, tanning on the beach, sipping cool drinks by the poolside, tanks and shorts, amusement parks and backyard barbecues.  Instead, we will look forward to a season for back-to-school for students and teachers, wearing sweaters, jackets, sipping hot chocolate, Hallofests, indoor activities and preparing our cars and homes for the winter.  While Spring is my favorite season, I will surely miss the Summer, how about you?  What will you miss about the Summer season?  I can't wait to read your comments.