School Bus Strike

It was announced today on New York 1 News, that the Almagamated Transit Union Local 1181 Leaders opted to end the New York City School Bus Strike on Friday, February 15, 2013.  School bus service is expected to resume on Wednesday, February 19, 2013 for city schools.  

This month long strike has been an enormous burden and sacrifice for both the strikers and parents in terms of wages, time and inconvenience.  In lieu of the strike, do you feel that any/all of the strikers concerns will be met? Or, on the other hand, do you feel the strike was a waste of time and wages?


Anonymous said...

I definitely agree that the Bus strike has affected all school personnel and parents but also everyday commuters whove experienced overcrowding subways and buses. Not to mention the stress the bus strike has had on the kids as well.Im sure the kids had questions regarding the strike. I doubt the strikers will receive back pay in wages but they definitely brought awareness and still demonstrated how they felt even if little was done regarding their contracts.

Ms. K said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!