Many of you are bleeding.  Bleeding in your hearts and souls because of hurt, abuse, anger, disappointments, finances, unhealthy relationships and the list goes on.  Though you may be GOING THROUGH, I'm here to remind you that the enemy comes to steal your joy (Psalm 34:19).  No matter what your circumstances are, God is your bandage.  When you have done all that you can, find a quiet place - let go and let God.  Listen for his voice, he will guide you to a solution if you are patient enough to hear him.  What the enemy meant for bad, God meant for good.  There is always a benefit from a bad situation.  There will be glory and sunshine after the storm.  Stay in prayer. May God continue to bless you and thanks for listening. :0)

Ms. K.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Although it may be diffcult for some to remember while they are going through things. 'There will be sunshine after the storm'. Thanks for the post Ms. K!

- Q